6 LEDGlow Lighting, LLC • Tech Support 856-768-5700 Ext. 2 • ® I N S T A L L A T I O N G U I D E 1. Power Button • Powers Kit On & Off 2. Color Wheel / Color Control • Slide Your Finger on the Color Wheel for a Custom Color • Tap a Specific Color to Snap to 7 Preset Solid Colors • Blue • Green • Red • White • Yellow • Teal • Purple • Color Control • Press to Toggle Between Primary and Secondary Colors • O – Changes Zone 1 • + – Changes Zone 2 3. Brightness Control Slider • Changes Brightness of Selected Color • Zone Colors Change Independently 4. Speed Control Slider • Adjusts the Speed of the Selected Pattern 5. Mode Selection Drop Down Box • Press to Select from 10 Distinct Patterns in Dual Zone Mode • Press to Select from 5 Distinct Patterns in Single Zone Mode 6. Preset Mode Buttons • Active Preset Pattern Number is Highlighted • Inactive Presets Pattern Numbers are Dim • Save Up to 5 Custom Lighting Configurations 7. Help Button • Press to Visit LEDGlow’s Online Support Portal for Tutorials, Videos, FAQs & Troubleshooting Guides 8. Settings Button • Opens the Settings Section of the App (Refer to Page 7 for Further Details.) 9. Save Button • Saves the Current Active Configuration to the Active Preset Button BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY AND CONTROL BOX FUNCTIONS CONTROL BOX LED COLOR INDICATION LED Off Not Powered Solid Red Powered but Not Connected to a Device Flashing Red In Power Save Sleep mode Solid Yellow In pairing mode, Ready to Pair to a Device Solid Green Connected and Ready to Use LEDGlow Mobile App Control Functions 7 8 9 2 3 4 5 6 1 MODE CONTROL FUNCTIONS DUAL ZONE SINGLE ZONE Solid Color Fade Fade w/ White Strobe Strobe Million Color Fade w/ Strobe Fade Opposite Color Fade Strobe Opposite Color Fade Opposite Fade w/ Strobe